Ian Crawford
Accident Avoidance Training for Cutlery Users

Need cutlery safety training? Contact Ian:

spoonsense @ gmail.com
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Health & Safety really has gone mad courtesy of Ian Crawford, an adviser from the Steel & Cutlery Manufacturers Association.

'Like every training day you've ever been on but more entertaining!' PH, TripAdvisor

'One of the best character acts I saw last year'
- Comedy Scene 

'Inspired character comedy with a gentle bite' - What's On Now.

'What he has to share is deadly serious, and you'd be forking mad to miss him'. ENTS 24


Do You know?

Do you know how to safely operate a butter knife? Do you know how to minimise injury from an unsupervised fork? Do you have "Spoon-Sense"?​ 

Wise Words...
“Shakespeare  once said that  the pen is mightier than the Sword but remember that the teaspoon can sometimes be more dangerous than the butter knife!”
Ian Crawford (2018)