Ian Crawford
Surviving the Edinburgh Fringe
Part 1
It often starts on the Royal Mile with someone who is younger and better looking than you or anyone you know. They also have more confidence than that shark in the film Jaws. They may or may not be wearing a costume. Smiling, a capella and flyers1 will be involved. Ten minutes later you, a reluctant friend and four international tourists who got lost on their way from the coach to the castle are in a dark cellar, dripping with spilt beer, sweat and optimism. You are watching a group of first-year drama2 students performing a musical-comedy-improvised-costume-theatrical thing based loosely on the life of Charles Dickens' gardener. Some researchers from Edinburgh University’s physics department will also be present as they investigate “fringe freeze” where time inside some venues has been observed to stand still for up to an hour or more.

1. Flyers: Colourful pieces of A5 or A6 paper produced for the purpose of increasing the wealth of local printers and for ensuring sufficient fibre content in the local refuse collection.
2. Drama: This is a degree subject popular at universities including BCU, ENU, UCL and others who coincidentally share their names with the grades you need to secure a place on the course.
(c) Ian Crawford (2019)
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